Service Providers

Tracer is entirely governed by Tracer DAO. Tracer DAO is composed of individuals from diverse backgrounds, including: traders, developers, economists, market makers and designers. This collective of creatives are scattered around the globe, but are united through the common goal of building financial tools that better the individual.

Propose your services to Tracer DAO via an Expression of Interest (EOI), located under the EOI category in Discourse. If enough interest is gained on the EOI, a proposal will be pushed through to the Proposal Lobby, where it will be open for discussion. Once any changes have been implemented, a member of the DAO may then lodge the proposal through to Governance Proposals where it will be formally submitted to trigger the voting process.

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Mycelium Logo

Mycelium is the holding company for a host of growth-stage projects, each focusing on unique and challenging problems. Composed predominantly of software engineers, economists and creatives, Mycelium knows the impact of Web3 will be profound and irreversibly change our future. Mycelium is committed to reimagining trust in a new era of individualism.

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Research & Development

RMIT are an interdisciplinary team of researchers in economics, political-economy, organisational theory, law, sociology, politics and communications. We work on crypto-economics, business strategy and adaptation to blockchain technologies, mapping the blockchain economy, and identifying the public policy challenges that will hold back or accelerate this economic revolution.

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DAO Governors